Self Defense Classes at Guardian Hapkido Academy

In today’s world it can be a challenge to feel safe walking around town or even walking up to your own home from your car at night. This is why Guardian Hapkido Academy offers self defense classes to anyone who is interested. Don’t find yourself in a frightening situation and not know what to do -- call our martial arts school and be prepared.

If you are looking to take martial arts classes, self defense lessons are a great place to start. We even have women self defense classes available. Our skilled instructors will teach you the proper self defense techniques to be able to prepare you for anything. This martial arts program is designed to keep you safe and feeling confident.

Hapkido is a Korean form of self-defense that employs a variety of strikes and kicks, also making use of joint locks, pressure points, grappling and throwing techniques. Hapkido uses traditional weapons including short stick, sword, long stick, staff, cane and advanced knife defense. Hapkido has an extensive program of counters to defeat opponents of any level, especially those trained in other martial arts.

We view our services as a guiding tool to help all of our clients achieve their personal goals. Call us today with any questions or if you want more information!

If you are interested in taking self defense classes, call Guardian Hapkido Academy in Moreno Valley, CA today!



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